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Here we cover in general the different supplements available to the bodybuilder of today.
We have yet to develop this page fully, sorry for the inconvience. Bodybuilder staff.

There is a lot in the news with this supplement, it is never far from controversy. However we at BODYBUILDER! endever to seek the truth. This is how creatine works. It is a natural componment of the human body. It is formed from important amino acids such as asarginine, glycine, and methionine. creatine facilitates production of energy(ATP) at the cellular level; ATP allows muscles to perform quick and explosive movements. Most creatine is found in the skeletal muscle, with smaller amounts in the brain, heart,testes.
Creatine and creatine phosphate play pivital roles in the ATP regeneration process. Muscle contraction depends on a ready supply of ATP for fuel. But this is the catch, there is generally only enough ATP for about 8-10 seconds of work in any given movement. ATP must be regenerated for prolonged worki to occur. This is why creatine is usefull. The greater the ATP resynthesis after muscle contraction, the less reliant your muscles are will be on glycolysis and less latic acid will be produced. This reduction equates to a diminished feeling of fatique, prolonged workouts andenhanced mucle growth.
Creatine supplementation promotes gains in lean muscle mass and workload performance. You can significantly extend your capacity to maintain a specific level of intermitant high-intensity exercise.