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Each month we will discuss training a specific body part.
This month we'll begin with making those humble calfs into truely respectable cows.

Calfs that go moo.
When most of us begin training we rarly see the need to train our legs. Lets face it, we all want a huge chest, massive biceps, anything else is a bonus. However failing to focus some time on our legs each week can have consequences down the track. I remember seeing this guy down the beach, posing with his top off. He looked great, until you could see his legs. The impact was enormous. How could someone train so hard for so long yet not train there legs? As a result everyone thought he looked ridiculous. He did.
I remember reading a quote from Arnold, and he said, guys with great thighs but puny calfs look like they have bad legs, however if someone had puny thighs, but really impressive calfs, it would look like they had been traing hard on their legs. The overall result would be far greater.
It is a well established fact that many newcomers to competitive bodybuilding lose a lot of points for not training there legs in proportion to their body. especially the calfs.

How to train them
Hard. Thats the easy response. First of all it is very important to warm up the muscle. Failing to do so can result in tendon damage. I like to use the standing calf raise, its simple and easy to use. With the calf muscle it has very dense muscle fibres, think about it, they support your entire body wieght all day. As this is the case you can put a lot of wieght on the machine. Place yourself under the shoulder pads, feet on the raised foot level. Lower yourself and feel the stretch in your lower calf, then slowly raise yourself so you are on tip toes. Thats 1 rep. Aim for a higher rep range with calf raises, they need to be pushed hard. I personally do 4x15, standing calf raises. Then I do 3x12-15, seated calfs. These should be done also. Already I ve had great results.
That man Arnold suggest doing them nearly everyday, I try every other. This is because like your stomach muscles they are very very dense, and therefore require a lot of intensity to stimulate growth. So get to it, make those calfs moo in pain.