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Here you get to ask our resident expert on his views and training tips, so fire away.
Johnny Rock is a qualified gym instructor/personal trainer in Bunbury,Western Australia. He has a lot of experience in helping many achieve the physique they require. Already a local icon of the town hes now unleashed onto the world-wide-web to offer his knowledge.

  This months question..... Heres one for Johnny Rock to get to the bottom of, sent in from Jenny Garcia of California, "what are the best exercises/weekly routines for great looking buns."

How are doing Jenny thanks for the question. I love girls that are into fitness & want to improve their bodies so if you need any more advice don't hesitate to ask. My email is, it would be
cool to have a chat with you sometime.

Well Jenny the same principles of resistance training does not differ between sexes. I have had most of my success creating steal buns from deep squats. However if you have weak knees or any knee injuries these can be dangerous and stiff leg deadlifts will be easier & safer.

To really hit your Gluteus maximus doing stiffies (stiff leg deadlift) at the end of the movement after you have lifted the bar you must squeeze your butcheeks! to force a good contraction.

Do this mini-leg routine at least twice a week, have at least 2min break between sets:

Deep Barbell Squats
Set Reps
1 * 20
2 * 15
3 * 10

Set Reps
1 * 20
2 * 15
3 * 10

See how you go with these two exercises & ensure that in your workouts that you have a cardio-vascular component i.e. (running, swimming, stairmaster etc).

One of the most common fallacies in bodybuilding is that doing weights will make ladies too big & muscular. Don't be scared about getting a huge muscular bum. This cannot happen,it is extremely hard for ladies to bulk up because of their low testosterone levels.

Remember to really get good results you need to eat healthy, stay away from fatty foods & takeaway. Otherwise your diet will be counter-productive to your training.

>> J.R. >>